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We know the struggle of being a real estate agent. It’s difficult to generate leads to turn into clients. We’re expected to be experts in marketing, sales and negotiations without proper training. Expenses in this business are high. It’s tough to stay ahead of those expenses and make a decent living.

We have created a solution for just the right agents.

The Platinum Team at Bowes & Cocks was created to provide an abundance of opportunities for agents who would work well in a team environment (and who want to make a ton of money!). We are growing fast throughout Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes.

Our team is not like any other in this area. We are cutting edge. Our structure and our culture is completely unique. Here’s just a few advantages to joining the Platinum Team:

We Provide Leads

We are creating leads from many sources, enough to guarantee you an exceptional income. We have an entire inside sales team calling leads and setting up appointments for you!

We Do All Marketing

The Platinum Team provides all team marketing, all listing advertising, all materials for you to use, websites and social media.

We Provide High Level Sales Training

I have hired a coach who trains mega teams across north America. Our team members get weekly coaching calls and skill development workshops to make your job easy!

We Pay ALL Your Expenses

Everything. Board dues, licensing fees, brokerage fees……even your cell phone!

We Set You Up For Success

Everything we do is geared to providing enough opportunity for every agent on our team to make $100K ++++. From lead generation, to training, to one-on-one reviews and coaching. Imagine $100K with no expenses!

All you do is the fun stuff! Meet with people - Put deals together!

This is truly an amazing opportunity for you to be part of a cutting edge team.



We are holding 2 VIRTUAL INFORMATION SESSIONS on Wednesday December 16, 2020 at 3:00 pm, and Thursday December 17, 2020 at 7:00 pm. Sign up now and see if the Platinum Team is the right fit for your future.